packaging machinery formers with round tube, square tube

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Square tube former / forming shoulder / forming tube

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Good quality
  • Fluent packaging
  • Customized for your machines
  • OED, ODM avaliable
  • Long time service

Product Details



We guarantee all of our products are of very good quality and long working life

We produce packaging machinery seal jaws, knives, formers, industrial cutting knives and blades.

2. Lead time

For the formers, product lead time within 25 days after payment.

The overlap-plate of the former, material is SUS304, SUS 316, imported from Germany.

Tube and frank bottom, outside coated with sand blast.


Depends on your former's processing. If easy type, price is not expensive. If difficult for us to process, price will be higher.

4. Quality Service

If the products not as you required, we will refund your payment. We promise our products ‘ good quality.

5. Custom order

Most of our seal jaws are customized according to the drawings or dimensions offered.

If need the seal jaws, please let us know the packaging type, former pictures, film widhth, bag width, height, width, we will offer you the prices.


For small quantity of the seal jaws, we usually pack it into carton. For large order, packed into wooden case. Carefully pack the formers, to prevent shipping damages.


If have any need of the fromers, collars, please send us an inquiry.


Zhijing Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: 段建华

Telephone: 13585957372

Landline: 13585957372

Company Address: No.655 of Longpan Road, Malu Town, Jiading District


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